Financial Budgeting for Hobbies

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This county-level plan is managed by Robin Mack Haynes. Print this page to create a Plan of Work signature page.

Plan Goal

Provide instruction and useful budgeting to Lea County residents on various quilting, needleart, sewing and craft projects.

Situation Statement

Lea County is full of residents who love to quilt, sew and craft. Up until a year ago, many choose to travel into Texas to gather supplies for their various projects, due to the small choice of selections within the county. However, nowadays with rising fuel costs, more hobby related business and an influx in the population of the county, residents are opting to find classes, information and supplies closer to home.

Learning about quilting, sewing and various craft projects is on the rise. Adults are choosing to take time out for themselves, as well as their families. Many mothers are using crafts as a way to spend time with their children--doing something constructive.

Lea County has four stores that provide craft, material, notions and other supplies needed to complete a project. Two of these stores are national chains--Walmart and Hobby Lobby. The other two stores are locally owned and operated. Hobby Lobby and one local store owner have asked that the home economist teach the public how to create various craft, sewing and quilting projects using the products they sell.

Target Audience and Actions

All craft, sewing and quilting programs will recruit adults of various skill levels. The adults will be taught the techniques to complete the project as well as budgeting, consumerism, and quality vs. quanity.

Class topics will be set up throughout the year based on suggestions from the general public, the store managers, and Lea County Extension Home Economist.

Short-Term Objectives

99% of the participants will leave the class with an understanding of what supplies and equipment are neessary to complete a quilting, sewing or craft project.

50% of the participants in a beginners class will sign up for an additional craft, quilting or sewing class.

Medium-Term Objectives

50% of the participants will begin to purchase quality supplies for their hobbies.

65% of the participants will choose to spend their money on additional classes, to learn more techiques and tips.

85% of the participants will design a budget to purchase quality equipment needed for their projects.

Long-Term Objectives

75% of the participants will purchase quality equipment needed to continue learning about the various craft, sewing and quilting projects they enjoy.

75% of the participants will purchase quality supplies needed to continue learning about the various craft, sewing and quilting projects they enjoy.

30% of the participants in sewing, quilting and craft classes will exhibit their projects at the Lea County Fair.

Evaluation Plan

A pre/post evaluation will be taken during each class taught to gauge the knowledge gained by each participant.

Six weeks after each class a survey will be taken of the class participants via mail, email or phone visits on what the project was used for. Was the completed project used as a gift, used in the home, or not completed?

One year after a class, participants will be contacted as to the supplies and equipment they have purchased to complete their craft, sewing or quilting projects.

A survey will be taken on the number of beginning class participants who move on to take other classes to develop their skill levels.

Each year at the county fair a tally will be taken of the winners in the Sewing and Needleart and General Handcrafts divisions to determine how many of the winners participanted in an extension service class.