Agricultural Markets, Trade, and Economic/Business Development Specialist Areas

New Mexico's future is increasingly tied to regional environments and a global economy. Clearly defined regional and internation perspectives are essential for the programs of the College. The University's traditional programs can be enriched by regional and international components and thereby better achieve their full potential. International activities enhance global understanding by incorporating international dimensions into the ongoing instruction, research, and extension efforts of the College.

Agribusiness Management, Finance, Taxation, and Estate Planning
This work focuses on the management and administrative techniques applied to farming, agricultural business, and other businesses and enterprises to enhance planning, decision making, and resource use. These techniques help businesses make effective financial decisions, stay in the marketplace over the long term, and increase profitability. It includes the analysis of effects of taxation on profitability.
Application of Economic Theory and Methods to the Analysis of Food and Fiber Sector Issues
Community Resource Planning and Development
This work provides understanding about community needs and preferences by providing local leaders and organizations the information, skills, and decision-making tools to help understand problems, identify opportunities, and plan for renewal and growth.
Consumer Economics and Demand Analysis for Agricultural and Food Products
This work provides insight and understanding into the demands, preferences, behavioral responses, and needs of individuals and consumers. This work provides insight and understanding about how consumer choice drives market economies, and how consumer policy, advertising, and other market forces influence consumer demand.
Crop Insurance Product Development and Evaluation
Research in this subject area ranges from the development of improved methods to model and simulate crop yield and price distributions which allow for a more reliable estimation of actuarially fair crop insurance premiums, to the information gathering work required to propose and rate new crop insurance products. If properly designed, these products could become a key risk management tool for New Mexico producers.
Domestic Policy/Farm Program Economic and Social Impact Analysis
This work focuses on the economic and social impacts of domestic programs and policies, including the effect of government actions on the U.S. The work in this area analyzes the long term effects of government actions, which influences how the U.S. develops and implements policies.
Economic and Development of Specialty Crop Markets
This work focuses on activities that foster understanding of markets, productivity, agricultural competitiveness, and interregional trade, and give insight to the role and function of markets and their regulation primarily from the macroeconomic (industry) perspective.
Economics of Agricultural Production and Farm/Ranch Management
This work focuses on economic choices farmers and ranchers make to access and allocate resources for the production of commodities, services, and products. These resources help farmers and ranchers to minimize production risk and optimize farm income.
Economics of the Production and Marketing of New and Improved Non-Food Products and Processes
Work in this area includes agricultural commodities used in consumer products such as paper, textiles, biofuels, adhesives, paints, and other biobased products. This area also includes work on animal byproducts as raw materials for the textile, leather, soap, feed, pharmaceutical, and other industries. Work also includes alternate, non-food uses for agricultural commodities and timber products to expand markets for these products, yielding new, improved, or less expensive consumer products and providing additional sources of income to producers, processors, and marketers.
Foreign Policy/Program Economic and Social Impact Analysis
This work focuses on U.S. foreign policy goals, assessing the effectiveness and impacts of implemented policies and the interactions between foreign and domestic policies, and global implications.
International Trade and Development Economics
This work focuses on the economic components of international trade and development, trade performance of sectors of the U.S. economy and that of other countries, globalization, barriers to trade, and trade and development impacts, especially as it relates to policy decisions. There is a strong focus on the global market economy, specifically the interaction between domestic and international market economies.
Marketing and Distribution Practices
This work concerns the distribution of products, goods, and services, the practices of buying and selling, and the development and improvement of markets primarily from the microeconomic (firm) perspective.
Modeling and Forecasting of Agricultural Product Markets
This work includes the development of economic theory and methodology to improve the knowledge base in a variety of topics.
Quality Maintenance in Storing and Marketing Non-Food Products
This area of work focuses on maintenance of quality of feeds, seeds, and other non-food agricultural and forest products during handling, storage, and marketing.