Food Safety and Technology Specialist Areas

Research and education complement each other in the on-going efforts to control and reduce the introduction of pathogens into the food supply. While researchers are constantly seeking ways to reduce or eliminate contamination int he production and processing of food products, Extension personel work with food handlers to ensure the safe delivery of food and food products from farm to consumer.

Development and Marketing of New and Improved Food Products
This area includes work to improve or develop new food products. Work also includes development of knowledge to influence quality and functionality of foods in complex food systems.
Ensure Food Products Free of Harmful Chemicals, Including Residues from Agricultural and Other Sources
Work on toxic residues of agricultural origin is conducted to determine the levels and circumstances under which chemicals may be safely used in production of plant and animal food products. There is widespread public concern over the potential hazards created by the use or introduction of chemicals in the production of farm products. The focus of work under this KA is on human health.
Home and Commercial Food Service
This area of work focuses on development of guidelines to ensure the wholesomeness, nutritional value, taste, and appearance of commercially and home prepared foods. Work also includes development of approaches to improve preparation, handling, and storage of food that reduce waste, assure quality, and increase consumer appeal.
New and Improved Food Processing Technologies
Work in this area focuses on development or improvement of methods, techniques, or processes to maintain or improve quality or functionality, stabilize or preserve foods, or prepare foods for further processing.
Protect Food from Contamination by Pathogenic Microorganisms, Parasites, and Naturally Occurring Toxins
This area includes work on pathogenic foodborne microorganisms and parasites in raw, minimally processed, or inadequately processed and preserved foods. Work on mycotoxins and natural and induced toxicants in foods--including allergens and seafood toxins--is also included. The focus of work under this K A is on human health.
Quality Maintenance in Storing and Marketing Food Products
Work in this area includes understanding and minimizing food quality losses during preservation, storage, distribution, and marketing to enhance the quantity and quality of foods delivered to consumers, minimize food costs, and enhance profitability for food producers and marketers.