Plant Production Specialist Areas

Research and Extension outreach in this program area encompass the range of plant genetics/genomics, physiology, quality, stresses, and management activities, which should lead to improved varieties and management techniques for New Mexico producers.

Basic Plant Biology
This area focuses on inquiry into fundamental processes and mechanisms in plants and model organisms basic to the life of the plant.
Plant Biological Efficiency and Abiotic Stresses Affecting Plants
This area focuses on understanding and improving plant productivity and quality affected by reduced inputs or abiotic stresses such as water, temperature, or nutrients.
Plant Breeding, Genome, Genetics, and Genetic Mechanisms
This area focuses on development and dissemination of fundamental information in plant genetics and plant breeding technology with the purpose of making plant breeding more efficient and productive, and includes related technologies such as genomic database management.
Plant Genetic Resources
This area focuses on discovery, acquisition, preservation, characterization, and development of plant genetic resources for plant production or protection. Both in-situ and ex-situ preservation methods are included, as well as preservation of species and within-species variation.
Plant Management Systems
This area focuses on integration of production practices into an integrated system for managing annual and perennial plant population densities, fertility, irrigation, precision agriculture, and other cultural practices in an efficient and effective manner.
Plant Product Quality and Utility (Preharvest)
This area focuses on maintaining or improving specific quality or utility parameters within biological material before harvest.