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Sallenave, Rossana
Environmentally sustainable management of aquatic resources and watersheds.
Providing New Mexicans with information and educational programming on topics aimed at better understanding of watersheds, aquatic ecosystem health, and the environmentally sustainable use and management of aquatic resources.
Skelton, Peter
Memorial Middle School Agricultural Extension and Education Center
To develop a teaching and learning model of excellence for agriculture and natural resource science that complements in-class instruction by providing context to content through inquiry-based learning and experiential education opportunities.
County-level plans associated with this state-wide plan:
Smallidge, Sam
Wildlife and Fisheries Enterprises
Provide ranchers, farmers, and the ecotourism industry with the information needed to utilize wildlife and fisheries resources as a means for primary or supplemental income in New Mexico.
Wildlife Damage Management
To make farmers, ranchers, and the general public aware of contemporary practices utilized to reduce or eliminate animal damage problems. To develop innovative and cost effective methods to cope with wildlife damage problems.
Wildlife Management Education
Provide current life history and management information on wildlife in New Mexico to ranchers, farmers, natural resource management agencies, and the general public. Expose youth to science based wildlife and fisheries habitat management principles.
County-level plans associated with this state-wide plan:
Sutherland, Carol
Integrated Pest Management Systems
Program specialist(s) and County Extension staff will regularly disseminate basic information on IPM, entomology & the various arthropods impacting New Mexico producers and consumers.