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Jim, Jesse E.
Youth Development (Crownpoint Tribal Extension)
This plan deals with Project Work; Special Interest; School Enrichment; Competition; Clinics; Workshops; Outreach Efforts; Record Books; Camps; Officer Trainings; Junior/Teen Leaders; Anything related to YOUTH programming.
(Part of the Youth Development state-level plan.)
Jimenez, Del
Greenhouse and Cold Frame Structures
•Introduce ways to extend growing season. •Reduce construction cost by utilizing alternative materials. •Educating producers with hands on experience to build a greenhouse or cold frame. •Produce information on constructing greenhouses and cold frames.
Sustainable Horticultural and Agronomic Production Management Systems for Small Farms
•Integrate sustainable agriculture issues into Extension education programs. •Address environmental issues from the standpoint of sustainability. •Implement sustainable agriculture methods that are profitable, environmentally sound, and beneficial.