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Flores, Nancy
New and Improved Food Products
Work to improve or develop new food products. Work also includes development of knowledge to influence quality and functionality of foods in complex food systems.
County-level plans associated with this state-wide plan:
Protect Food from Microbial Contamination through Food Safety Education
Work on pathogenic foodborne microorganisms and parasites in raw, minimally processed, or inadequately processed and preserved foods distributed through retailers,food service or consumers.
Flynn, Robert
Identification and Management of New Mexico's Saline and Sodium Affected Soils
Correctly identify saline and / or sodium affected soils with accepted methods, reasons for the salinity or sodium, and the dissemination of management practices and cropping systems that are appropriate for the affected location.
Nutrient Management for Sustainable Soil Productivity
Increase soil quality and crop productivity by applying research-based management of organic and synthetic fertilizers as well as cropping systems while minimizing or eliminating environmental contamination risks.