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Chamberlin, Barbara
Educational Media and Communications Support
I serve as co-manager of the Plan of Work submitted by Jeanne Gleason, titled "Educational Media and Communications Support". All impact reports are filed under and tied to her Plan of Work.
Cox, H. Wayne
Civil Rights - Program Development Dept. (Lea County)
Civil Rights compliance by New Mexico State University Cooperative Extension Service is mandated by federal laws and is directly tied to Extension's receipt of federal funding.
(Part of the Civil Rights state-level plan.)
Forest and Fire Management (Lea County)
Through assistance of specialist county agent will learn fire ecology and management. Thus, ranchers and farmers and other resource managers will learn fire ecology and management.
(Part of the Forest and Fire Management state-level plan.)
Plant Management Systems: Urban Horticulture (Lea County)
Increase, enhance, and sustain New Mexico urban and rural lifestyles by teaching proper landscape plant selection, management, and efficient water use.
(Part of the Plant Management Systems: Urban Horticulture state-level plan.)
Profitable Livestock Production (Lea County)
Improve the profitability of livestock production by enhancing decision-making skills of livestock owners and managers.
(Part of the Profitable Livestock Production state-level plan.)
Youth Development (Lea County)
This plan deals with Project Work; Special Interest; School Enrichment: Competition, Clinics; Workshops; Record Books; Lea County 4-H Council: Officer Trainings: Senior Leadership Membership; and all related to youth in Lea County.
(Part of the Youth Development state-level plan.)